Thursday, October 30, 2008

Election Day Info..

Since most of the buzz right now is about November 4. I thought I would most some important information. Here are links to see Alabama Sample Ballots, be prepared as lines are going to be long this election.

For Calhoun County:

To find your county's sample ballot go to:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Balanced Market In Calhoun County

As several of us wonder what is going to happen the way this economy is, I still want to let you know that we have it a lot better than a lot of areas in the country where collateral has been overvalued, resulting in foreclosures. Right now, our market isn't necessarily good but it isn't bad.. We will call it balanced. We can say this in Calhoun County because there are few foreclosures and values are in line. We did not have false appreciation created by irresponsible lenders and developers. We have had sustainable appreciation between 1%-9% in the past 17 years. We also do not have the same issues that started the problems in California, Florida and other high profile markets. However, even though our market is in balance we will still have to weather the credit issues like everyone else. Our local banks are always making intelligent loans to deserving people.

As a side note, people are still buying and selling houses in our area. ERA King finished September at 86 sold units which brings us to 752 for the year!!!

What do you feel about the market?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

How is the market doing?....

Welcome to my real estate blog! As a real estate professional in Southeast Alabama I would like to provide current clients, potential customers, and anyone who has asked the question, "I wonder how the market is doing?" information on what is actually going on with the market and weekly tips on home buying and selling. My goal is to post a new blog every week but in between if you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns about the real estate industry please feel free to email me at or send a comment on the blog.